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[Feature Request] Overlays for modals and popups

Having the ability to have one wireframe overlay another wireframe would speed my workflow along greatly. Adobe XD does this, but I really don’t want to switch because Balsamiq is generally faster to mock things up in (with the exception of this area).

I’m aware that you can create the base mockup as a symbol, but because Balsamiq doesn’t allow for nesting symbols, this is not a real solution.

Having to recreate the background layer/copy paste/use a placeholder is really time-consuming and cumbersome and you should just be able to create the overlay layer as its own mockup and then select which other mockup goes underneath it.

Hi @Jill_Fleming and welcome to the forums!

This is certainly a request we’ve seen before and are formally tracking so I’ll go ahead and add your vote in support.

While we don’t allow for nested Symbols (that is Symbols which contain, in turn, other Symbols) I wonder if you could work around this with a combination of a ‘template’ wireframe which you can duplicate as necessary and then individual Symbols which are not nested but stacked on top of each other?

In any case, thanks a million for the feedback - I have just added your suggestion to our tracking.

Hey @Jill_Fleming,

From my experience of presenting mockups to customers, I put a dialog aside to the related screen, or just at the dedicated page, noting “Dialog”.

At this stage I need to approve the flows, content and layout. I need no re-create background for dialogs. It doesn’t harm the goals of that stage, and doesn’t worth efforts.

But I always say to clients the goal of the meeting before the demo, otherwise they can think you are presenting the final design and react accordingly :wink:

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