Feature Request: Page Numbers and Spell Check


There are two features that I’d love to have in Balsamiq as it would make my daily work much easier. Pretty sure they’re already in your backlog list of features but I wanted to add my +1 to them.

  1. Automatic Page Numbers. Now that we have a project based system, hopefully this will be easier. I make wireframe decks, but it’s a pain to have to update all the page numbers and when I don’t add page numbers people get confused. I’ve tried it both way, adding page numbers by hand and not adding them, neither is ideal.

  2. Spell Check…I’m terrible at spelling.

Export to PNG - Page num in file name?

Thanks Rae. You’re right—they are on our list. I’m adding your vote to our internal tracker. Cheers!


Hi @RaeHanley ,

We improved the PDF export options a lot. You choose to add page numbers to your exported PDF.

You can read the complete release notes of version 3.1.2 here:

You can get the latest release here:


+1 for Spell Check! I think this feature would be right up there with Find & Replace on “I totally wish to God we had this feature today.” :wink:

(Oh, and loving the automatic page numbering in the new PDF export! Also the automatic mockup name option.)


I feel like adding to the change log in all my newly exported pdfs “Now with page numbers!” It’s a great addition.


I believe @RaeHanley and others were primarily talking page numbers in exports – but I would add “Page Numbers in Balsamiq Editor” to the wish list.

When reviewing mocups with teammembers, it would be quicker to refer to #7.


@peterporter - would a macro along the lines of {page-number} (similar to {mockup-name}) meet your needs? This is a suggestion that was made on another topic somewhere … (sorry, don’t have time to look it up right now).

another suggestion was {alternate-name}


@Jenni_Merrifield - That’s the first I’ve heard about the mockup-name macro! That could certainly help, but I think a straight page number would make coordinating with others easier. The macro would assume that all users take the time to add one to a page (and in a uniform location).

To derail the conversation further: Is there a macro based way to have a common modifiable color throughout a project (e.g define {button-color} as a hex value and use the macro for my buttons’ color)?


I like to see Spell check feature this year :slight_smile:


Spell check saves my life on a DAILY basis, @njasarevic, so I too would love it.

The good news is that it’s something that comes with going native, and we are working as fast as we can on that.

It’s coming :slight_smile: Stay tuned…


Yep BIG plus 1 for Spell Check.

I am hopeless at typing and not much good at spelling.
It’s embarrassing when I do a presentation and I notice the spelling mistakes (or others do !)
And it seems to have gotten worse as I get older…

For me it’s right up there as a P1 req.


I am not only the worst speller in the world but I’m Canadian so we use a UK/US hybrid. Is there any hope that Balsamiq will add localized Spell Check before I retire?


We want that, @TheEarthMonkey. And we are working towards that!


Any update on spell check?


Hi @Tyler_Durrans,

As Brendan mentioned, that is definitely something we’d like to add to Mockups. We are thinking about adding it once we go native and we are working hard to make that happen soon. I’ve added your vote for it to help prioritizing the request.

Let us know if we can do anything else for you! :slight_smile:


please add another vote for spell check!


YES on spell check, it’s starting to be a big problem for me :frowning: I am bad speller and have lots of typos. Without Ctrl F feature it also hard to fix the error that I do notice.

I agree on automatic page numbers, but for me, it would be good if it was added automatically in slide name on the left nav. I get and track my changes based on slide number, but that’s very hard when there are no numbers. Normally I keep the PDF open and then find correct slides this way, but would love to cut this step out.


Add my support for this request.


Spell check is my #1 request, looking forward to it.


Adding my support for:

  1. Spell Check
  2. Find / Replace

I use the Mockups 3 application natively, on my Windows machine. Does this mean spell check is coming soon?