Feature Request: Page Numbers and Spell Check

Hey @JohnZ, What we mean by “native” is a version that does not rely on Adobe Air. It’s a big change that will allow us to add a lot of cool features (like Spell Check and Find/Replace). It will take more time, but we can’t wait to get it to you!

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+1 for both!


Same here as in I’m not bad at spellings, but at times when you write a lot of sections having text components an auto spellcheck feature can definitely help and can save you a lot of time + good for sending out a mockup to a client without being embarrassed by putting silly spelling mistakes lol. :slight_smile:


I do hope we’ll get to see spell check this year!

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Hey. I still use Balsamiq a lot, and mostly love it.

Can we please have that spill chuck functunalaty cors I karnt spill for nuts



+1 for Spell Check!


+1 on sprell checker

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+1 for Spell Check! When is this going to be added? it’s so embarrassing when you make silly spelling errors in your wireframes. This should be added ASAP.

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@Balsamiq this feature was requested almost 4 years ago. Is it even on your radar?, get it together!

Hi @Tatyana_Margoline,

I know it’s frustrating when features don’t appear as fast as we’d like. After shipping Balsamiq Cloud in October 2017 we turned our attention to new, native versions of the desktop apps which we sorely needed to update. Both those projects were huge - in relative terms - for our small team and have been the main focus of our engineering for some time now. The new desktop apps are in limited beta now which is a good indication of progress.

Once we get those shipped, we’ll be able to turn our attention and resources back to feature requests. I know it’s not the answer you want to hear but I also think it’s important to be up front about our priorities.

We track all requests like this formally and prioritize based on feedback like this. So thank you for letting us know how important this is - I have added your vote to our tracking.

For now, all the best.

+1 Spell check, please

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+1 on spell check and global find/replace

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I’d love this too… +1 on spell check and global find/replace

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On the topic of spell check - have you considered partnering with someone else who already does this? Basamiq, as a company, is a wireframe app expert and doesn’t actually need to also become a spellcheck expert when there are other companies out there who have already cracked that nut.

Perhaps this will be useful: https://www.programmableweb.com/category/spelling

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It’s great that we’ve got spell check now (thanks Balsamiq people)!

I wanted to ask if there are still any plans for the second part of the original request – page numbers?

The reason I want to be able to add page numbers is because I usually export wireframes as PDF files, with page names and numbers. When others in my org are discussing them with me, or if they are referred to in a Jira ticket for example, they will refer to, say, “page 12 in the wireframes”. I then have to find the PDF and find the relevant page or (if I haven’t made any substantial changes) count the number of screens in the app to find page 12.

Page numbers in the app would make this a lot easier.

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Great to hear from you, @Michael_Heraghty!

That’s definitely one we keep tracking for now. No immediate plans for it but I’m adding your vote and details to revive the discussion.


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Any updates on page numbering? Michael_Heraghty describes the situation perfectly above.

I just bought Balsamiq for desktop about an hour ago and found this post via Google while trying to figure out how to view page numbers on the pages in the application. It’s a little worrying that something very basic like page numbering isn’t included in an initial release of an application that deals with pages, let alone not even being planned. Hopefully I’m missing something obvious here.

Hi @BradMc and welcome to the forums,

Can you help us better understand the need here? Are you talking about adding page numbers to the PDF when you export your project? I ask because that is already an option in the Export options:

CleanShot 2023-01-23 at 15.26.49@2x

Or are you talking about the individual wireframes in a project having ‘page’ numbers as such?

If the latter, there’s been little movement on the issue of page numbers but I have gone ahead and added your feedback to our tracking, as we do with all feature requests.