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Feature Request: Page Numbers and Spell Check


Hey @JohnZ, What we mean by “native” is a version that does not rely on Adobe Air. It’s a big change that will allow us to add a lot of cool features (like Spell Check and Find/Replace). It will take more time, but we can’t wait to get it to you!


+1 for both!


Same here as in I’m not bad at spellings, but at times when you write a lot of sections having text components an auto spellcheck feature can definitely help and can save you a lot of time + good for sending out a mockup to a client without being embarrassed by putting silly spelling mistakes lol. :slight_smile:


I do hope we’ll get to see spell check this year!


Hey. I still use Balsamiq a lot, and mostly love it.

Can we please have that spill chuck functunalaty cors I karnt spill for nuts



+1 for Spell Check!