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[Feature Request] Player app for android / apple



I would like to see a native player for mobile devices that will allow clients to demo the app workflow. While the PDF export option is available it is relatively basic. I would also like to have a mobile player quickly available so I can test without the need to transfer to a mobile device. Please take a look at to see what I mean. They have some interesting ideas but I find using Balsamiq much more intuitive and quicker to use. I know these are only Mock ups but I think clients / users are becoming more demanding and want to see better looking designs.


Hi @DancingDad,

Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with us today.

We are actually working hard on going native as fast as we can and your requests are both on the roadmap. I can’t provide any ETA yet as this is a huge project for our small team but we hope to have more news to share soon on that side!

Thanks again for the feedback, that’s always very helpful for us! :smile: