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[Feature request] Presentation mode in window, not fullscreen

Hi all,

Working on a pair of mockup flows for mobile and desktop. I need to make sure they are in sync and that all links work. However, the only way to run it in “live” clickable mode is fullscreen in the User Testing mode, which takes over the whole screen.

I’d really love a Presentation Mode that confines itself to the browser window, scaling things appropriately to fit. That way, I could have two windows side-by-side and progress through each to make it easier to compare views.

The current presentation scaling algorithm bases itself on the widest content in the entire deck, but for this particular window-only mode, it’d be useful to also be able to toggle “fit content to window” per-wireframe.

The use case for this is if you have a combined deck with, say, 20 mobile screens, and then 20 desktop screens, having the mobile screens show up with a lot of empty space isn’t particularly helpful.

Alternately: Have per-wireframe presets, like device-canvas-sized wireframe templates / display modes. If you know you’re doing a set of wires for mobile, and you’re doing one screen per state (for instance), being able to select ‘iPhone X’ and be given an automatically sized canvas, and toggle on-off the realistic phone “wrapper” instead of having to deal with wrangling a phone wrapper graphic, would speed things up immensely.

The existing behaviour would be a ‘full canvas’ mode. And you could mix modes in the same document, etc.

Hey @ajkandy_hitachi

This is an interesting idea. I’m a little worried that it gets a little too into the weeds with settings, but it’s worth talking about.

Just to be clear, you’re looking for something in between a PDF export (which is clickable) and our full screen mode - is that right?

Hi Brendan! I have never used the clickable PDF so I cannot compare that, but basically, just to run the presentation mode in the window, without it going fullscreen.

Here’s a clarification of my current use case: I have the same project open in two windows side by side. One set of wires within the project are mobile, the other set are desktop. I’m trying to make sure I have a 1:1 correlation, more or less, of all the states and screens. (I could also easily have these split into two or more separate Projects, the use case is the same there.)

In order to test the links between wireframes, I need to hit the “play” button, but then it takes over the whole monitor so I can’t see the other browser window. I suppose I could move the other tab to a separate monitor, but I have other apps / work there, plus it’s in portrait mode…

So being able to hit play per-window would be really useful.

I mention the other settings because those would have to be handled anyway. Regarding preset device-type wireframe templates / canvas sizes that could be a separate feature request, but it’s tangentially related.

Ahh ok, I’ve got it now.

I’ll write up a feature for it and we will talk about it. Thanks for the suggestion, my friend!

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Thanks Brendan, appreciate it. Shall I write up a separate Feature Request for per-device canvas sizes
/ template types or is there already something like that in the works?

I am going to notate that as well. I think this would be more a rethinking of presentation mode (full screen / in browser - side by side - canvas size adjustments - etc). I think it’s going to be a little out of scope for our little app, but everything is one good discussion from implementation, so we won’t know until we talk about it!

If other folks would find this useful, I’d love to hear more. Helps us prioritize (and hone) features.

Edit: Now that I think about it, it’s probably just 2 feature requests. Either way, i will get them written up now.

Cool, appreciated!

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For me, I was wanting to be able to flip between tabs in my browser without breaking the presentation. The web app auto full screening for you when you hit present is great, but if you hit F11, it shouldn’t break out of that mode.

There is ways around it… The Direct link allows you to view it in non fullscreen mode as long as you dont click the GO INTO FULLSCREEN button that pops up. When you press ESC, it brings you back to normal editor mode. Once again… kinda annoying.

Only works when you get the long URL.

Yeah, it needs to be a better solution than that.

But I appreciate that you found something that works in a pinch, @mmoles!