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Feature Request: Print date on mockup pdf


It would be cool if there were a checkbox in the Balsamiq print dialogue to add the date to the top of the PDF. We’ve been making quite a few revisions here, but usually no more than 1 a day. Then I would know exactly which one is the most recent.

Feature Request: Automatic Date Update

That does sound useful, Luke.

I’m pretty sure this has been requested before, but let me check in with the team and see if it’s something we can do.

Thanks for letting us know this is something you’d like to see. It helps us prioritize features and make Mockups better. :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas coming!


I’d love to see this!

Would be great if it was just a macro string I could add to show the last date that the slide was modified.

like {lastmodified} would be great… but I know time gets tricky… maybe let people define how they want the date to show up… {%m/%d/%y} maybe.