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Feature Request: Project Window Repositioning


I like my Microsoft taskbar at the top my desktop. The issue is when I open a Balsamiq project it ALWAYS opens under my taskbar. I’m assuming it is open at the X: 0, Y: 0 position on the desktop. It sure would be great if it remembered your last window position and open the new project at that location without the need to unlock and move my taskbar each time. Thanks for listening.


Hey @McKinger, sorry about that.

Mockups should be remembering your window position on existing projects you open. You are correct though, new projects will be placed 0,0, when they are created.

If that is what you’re seeing, let me know. We can brainstorm other options for where new projects are opened.

If that is not what you are seeing, can you give me a little more information about your set up? From your screenshot, it looks like Windows 7. Are you running the latest version of Mockups (3.3.3 -

We can start there and proceed in whichever way is appropriate. Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion. :slight_smile: