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Feature request: Provide a setting on text controls to "block them out"


Often I need to mock out parts of the UI that provide context, but are not important to what is going on onscreen.

If I was using another program, I would use something like the Blokk font:

I would like a toggle on the text control to show text as blocks instead of words, see:


I can totally see how this would be useful :smile:

I’ll put it in the feature tracker and we will talk about adding it. If anyone else would find text blocks useful, post a comment or a Like @Colin_Heics’s post.

Thanks for the input. Keep it coming!


I completely blanked on a potential workaround. If you have a block font installed on your system, you can set it as the project font.

Something to keep in mind: This will change the font on EVERYTHING, including markup. Also, sharing the BMPR file with someone will require them to have the font installed, otherwise it will show Balsamiq Sans.

PNG and PDF exports would show the block font.