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[Feature Request] Quick key for drawing borderless rectangle (or toggling border)

Hello! I just found the quick key (r + drag) for drawing rectangles and I can’t believe that I lived this long without it! It would be really handy to have a similar quick key to draw a borderless rectangles. Perhaps shift+r+drag?


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I like it, @Bret_Truchan! I will get it written up.

Thanks, my friend :slight_smile:

Hi @Bret_Truchan, can you please tell us a bit more on why you’d like to draw borderless rectangles with quickdraw? We’re looking at improving the quick draw feature now, and I’d like to understand what you’re trying to do first. Thanks!

Sure! Here’s an example wireframe that uses borderless rectangles at the top and bottom. I use them fairly frequently, so it’d save me a bit of time when wireframing.

Hi Peldi,

I glad the quickdraw is going to be upgraded. It’s really both “quick” and “draw”, exactly as you guys named it ).

When brainstorming with quickdraw, I’m in the context, so all this mess have sense for me. But when I look on it later, I just miss something. Currently my solution is to add some text there (Text, Label, or Comment). BUT inserting text isn’t quick at all, so I feel I loose the “quickness” of the quickdraw :wink:

What I’d like to have is adding a Text control on double click, so that it keeps my pace of the “quickdraw mode”.

Another reason to have it is an ability to convert it to almost any control using “Transform to” feature. So the best candidate to insert on double click is a Label control, as it could be converted to Text just by CTRL + ENTER, and the label itself could be easily converted to a button, which is quite frequent control.

Also sometimes I use Balamiq as a moodboard, due to its ability to contain mixed content, like text and images, and place it freely on the canvas. Adding text on double click on empty place would be great in this case, too.

I really like how they did it in Scapple, but I don’t want to switch to another app, I’d like to have it in Balsamiq.

Hi Alexey, have you tried selecting the block of text or line of text and hitting ENTER? It converts it to a Text or Label control, and opens the editor for entering text. That should be quick enough for your needs?

Hi Peldi,
I’ve tried that but wasn’t satisfied. Instead I do two actions:

  1. Duplicate an existing Label with a mouse (ALT + Drag) and place it in the intended location
  2. Hit Enter and edit it

Double click will allow to do it as a single action.

You could take inspiration in how drawing works in Faststone Capture. Here, different drawing functions are mapped to F1…F10, and relevant object is placed by a single click. This way labels are placed by pressing F4 once, then just click position and type content for each label. Respecting setting in font each time.

Annotations like (1), (2), … are F5 and click for each one. Auto-increases.

Very smart and intuitive. Balsamiq could use a little of that, adding to what it already has.

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There will be some updates to quickdraw trickling out over the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile: