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[Feature Request] Quick key for moving a selected item to the mouse position

Hello! I have another quick key request!

Here’s my scenario. I always use Quick Add for adding things to a wireframe. And I use the quick key “/” to start the search, followed by the Enter key to place the item on the wireframe, and finally I press “ESC” to leave the search input. This works great.

My next step is always to drag the selected item to wherever I need it. I wonder if this step can be made more efficient? Here are some ideas:

  • Create a new quick key “h” (meaning “here”) which will move a selected item to the mouse’s position
  • or… When a new item is added via Quick Add, if you hit escape twice (once to exit search, then another one), then the added item jumps to the mouse position.

I’m open minded about how this is implemented. I do this so often that making the process faster would be wonderful.

HI @Bret_Truchan, Thanks for the well-consider request - I have added this to our feature-request tracking.

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Hi @Bret_Truchan,
Balsamiq allows to insert the selected control into a mouse current position. Just press SHIFT + ENTER in your scenario. I hope it will speed up your work a bit.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!

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