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Feature Request: Replace mockups on Import


There are many times when more than one person is working on a project. When this happens it is very difficult to keep the changes in sync. What we’ve been doing is exporting the project to a .zip, sending to the user, they create a new project and import the new .zip. Very complicated when there is only one mockup to change. If the user imports the project in an existing project it simple creates 2x the files, even though they have the same name.

It would be nice if files of the same name were replaced by the imported files. This way it would be a simple export/import to keep the projects in sync.


Hi. The Export/Import between projects would work manually if you open the 2 project files side by side (assuming you can name the files differently). Use the menu Project > Export > Mockup to JSON in File A, and in File B clear the content of the Mockup and use Project > Import Mockup JSON.

We have some plans that may make this work a little better. In Google Drive, for instance, we allow multiple users to work concurrently on the same file and the updates are seen live between users. In the Desktop scenario we’re thinking of the asynchronous case of passing the file around between colleagues and being able to see changes others made and add yours.

The Alternates feature from the latest release provides a nice way to merge between changes on a single page, but that way you’re only ever working on the same file and same page. You can make an alternate an official version, and merge between an alternate and the official version.

There’s more info about Alternates here if you’re interested in exploring that as an option:


Thanks for the info, Mike. You seemed to mention two different ways to use Balsamic. One is Google Drive and the other is Desktop mode. Does this imply a Google Drive plugin? Or, is using Google Drive as simple as posting on Drive and sharing? When they open it on their end the synching is handled by Drive’s agent? What about Dropbox? Would the same scenario work on a Dropbox share?

Thanks again! LOVE the product!


Alternates was released with 3.1. You can download it here:

This page in our docs will show you in detail where to find and use Alternates:

I only mentioned Google Drive because concurrent editing is a feature that version has that is sort of the direction we’re heading. That runs in the browser when you use Drive, and pay for that plugin. Currently, having multiple users work on the same file simultaneously in a shared / network folder (Drive local storage, Dropbox, Windows Network share) isn’t recommended. It should work fine if you’re NOT working on the file concurrently, if a single person works on a file at a time.