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Feature Request: Right Angle Triangle, 45 degree text


I’m trying to add a corner overlay element to a wireframe which is currently impossible with only the current Isosceles triangle geometric shape. I could import a PNG, but then I have no colour controls. I could also import it as an icon, but then am limited to the xs/s/m/l/xl size variants.

Technically I’m actually trying to achieve a cut off banner shape like the screenshot below, which I could do with the right combination of triangles. Also would be good if text could be rotated at a 45 degree angle. I see you have text orientation but only at 90 degrees or some arbitrary angle.


Hi @Tom_McQuarrie

We have for both topics a feature request in our internal tracker. I added your vote to both of them.

I created a little example. This may help you a little.

Sold_banner_example.bmpr (26 KB)

In the bmpr you’ll find the symbol. I created it with 3 geometric shapes and a label.
I agree the Sold text looks a little funny at an angle of ~22.5 degree.

Feature Request: Rotate any shape by any degree

I would also like to request a Right angled triangle shape.