Feature Request: Right Angle Triangle, 45 degree text

I’m trying to add a corner overlay element to a wireframe which is currently impossible with only the current Isosceles triangle geometric shape. I could import a PNG, but then I have no colour controls. I could also import it as an icon, but then am limited to the xs/s/m/l/xl size variants.

Technically I’m actually trying to achieve a cut off banner shape like the screenshot below, which I could do with the right combination of triangles. Also would be good if text could be rotated at a 45 degree angle. I see you have text orientation but only at 90 degrees or some arbitrary angle.


Hi @Tom_McQuarrie

We have for both topics a feature request in our internal tracker. I added your vote to both of them.

I created a little example. This may help you a little.

Sold_banner_example.bmpr (26 KB)

In the bmpr you’ll find the symbol. I created it with 3 geometric shapes and a label.
I agree the Sold text looks a little funny at an angle of ~22.5 degree.

I would also like to request a Right angled triangle shape.


Same need here, that would help a lot as there is no easy workaround right now.

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Hi @fourmi4x and welcome to the forums.

We’re still tracking this feature request but there’s been no movement forward on this particular one. I’ll add your vote to the tracking.

There is a Symbol Library on Wireframes To Go which might make things a little easier for you: Progress Labels

Here’s what those labels look like:

Not 100% exactly what you are looking for but it conveys the idea.

Current versions of Balsamiq Wireframes have good Wireframes To Go integration but looks like you are using Mockups 3? You can still import such Symbol Libraries into your project using Mockups 3, it’s just a couple more steps. Ping us back - or drop an email to support@balsamiq.com - and we’ll be happy to help with that.