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Feature Request: Rotate any shape by any degree


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How about being able to rotate every shape variant?
And being able to rotate by an arbitrary amount?
And optionally rotating the text with the shape (could be indicated with an icon stylised with a “T” and a lock)?

“Why would you want to rotate a circle by any angle?”
So I can rotate the containing text too.

And it would do away with the need for both Rectangle Breakine Bottom and Top and make it easy to create left and right variants as required.

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Hey @neeklamy!

Could you please tell us a bit more about what you’re looking to build, specifically? If you have a screenshot or sketch you’d like to share (you can send it to me privately at if you prefer), I can take that back to the team and say “User needs rotation to build this, what do we think?”


Admittedly I don’t have any specific example right now, I just wonder why the limitation to the shape control.

Of all of the shapes, only one can be rotated (triangle) – I get that it could be suggested that the other shapes don’t need the ability to rotate. But if the text were optionally rotated with the control, then it makes the shape control much more flexible.

If I have an example I’ll post back.



Why not give people the freedom whether or not use the rotate function. I’m using Balsamiq for a functional design. Right now i want to add an arrow to point to a specific button and put a text balloon with it to explain it. It’s not handy for me to go to illustrator and draw the arrow and go back. Please (re)consider it because it’d make a lot of people happier :smile:


The arrow control is one of the controls we have rotation on, @Chamin_Hardeman. One of our awesome community members, @keith, made a great diagram here demonstrating how to achieve some of the basic rotations.


I must be a noob… but i don’t see the arrow buttons below layering (my version shows border). But still i’d like to see a real rotate function to give more freedom. Guess i’m to much a Omnigraffle fan.


You are not a noob, there are a lot of arrow icons in Mockups 3! Searching for “line” in the quick add box (the arrow can also be used as a line) will bring up the rotatable arrow control. Let me know if that works for you. :smiley:


I think this idea is good.
UXPin has it and it is really useful.
Please make it possible.


Hi again @ArcticMe,

Could you please detail your specific need regarding shape rotations? Any specific shape or use maybe?
Feel free to share any related document of screenshot to if that can help so we can have a look. :wink:


Hey @Virgin,
I think this one is a good example :wink:

Joke aside, I wished for it in the past to correct some images I imported, that were good, but just not rotated in the right direction. These images had to go through photoshop before I was able to use them in my mockup. It’s the same with text, in my opinion. You give this options for the Label, but not for the text itself.

I think you would do good, if you inserted the option in general.


@Virgin : I am with original poster on this one.
Example case: someone creates a symbol with a cirle+arrow (like Hold-Drag). This arrow points in a given direction, example: right. But if I need to illustrate drag UP, I have to manually edit the arrow which is timeconsuming.

Better way: simply select object/ objects, type a key for rotation (like “O”) and enter degrees. 90 = up etc. Or click a mouse and drag around.

There is a lot of times where this could be useful. Hope you will find it possible to implement at some point.


I am currently working on a material design (by google) mockup. When the add (+) action button is clicked, it turns into an X. I could just replace the icon with text and move along, but somehow that does not feel clean.


Hi @shoan,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

How about using the Times icon, as shown below?

In case you are looking for something different, please send us your idea or maybe a screenshot to and we’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


Please add rotate feature to any shape. I was frustrated that I can’t rotate the shape. It’s very important to have this feature to rotate the shapes in a 3d space look mock up. Please add this feature soon!!


Just to confirm, object rotation is still not possible?

I’m not looking for workarounds … just basic shape rotation :slight_smile:


Not all shapes can be rotated, no, but some can @JMXXXX. Which shape were you looking for it in?


all of them


@Brendan It would be great to be able to rotate shapes such as a button from a horizontal view to vertical. For example, I am working on a layout example that will have a slide out “drawer” To access the drawer, there will be a button for the user. However, I can’t seem to find how/if I can turn the button to the left/counterclockwise by 90 degrees so that it appears vertically.

Is there another way/shape to do this?


You could use a Label + Rectangle to do that, @kaliszc1. Here is the JSON for that:


You can import that into your project via Project > Import > Mockup JSON. Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:


How can you do something like this?