Feature Request: Rotate any shape by any degree


Right NOW I would need rotation for a rectangle object:
There is a widget that is round and split up in four equal parts, but flipped 45° instead of being aligned vertically/horizontally (see image).
I need each of these segment to respond to a mouse click differently. So I would like to place an invisible object above each segment which receives the mouse click. But which object would do?
Using a triagle doesn’t work, as I cannot make its borders invisible.
Using a rectangle does not work out, as one cannot rotate it.

This is a request for both (often discussed) features:

  • being able to rotate objects (maybe not every object; but at least the ones that are combined under “shape”
  • being able to make invisible borders (or in general: everywhere a colour can be set, one option should be “none”)

The example above (circle, segment) MAY be coped with in any other way; but there are a lot of examples, and the thread shows that.

Please make that possible.


Your image didn’t come through, @Thom, but I think I understand the need here.

We are in the middle of a big native re-write of our desktop apps, but we plan to revisit features like this after that is complete.

I’ve let the dev team know this is something you’d like to see. We will talk about it soon. :slight_smile:


Hi, I read through the thread and understand the general feeling of the design aspects that you want Balsamiq to uphold, but I just wanted to share my thoughts to see if I could convince you a bit more to have a rotate function :D!..

I love balsamiq, and my main use for it is to make mockups for game designs. I usually have everything I need from the basic tools, but sometimes I need to show differences in movement or position for certain game elements (for example, a spaceship that moves from one side to another, or blocks that stack in angular fashion), and I have to use some other software to rotate the image and bring it into balsamiq again. It would help my workflow to be able to rotate it on the spot. I mean, for example, multiples of 45 degrees would already be perfect (in case you’re wondering about the odd cases of ALL degrees).

In any case, just my 2 cents, thanks for listening.


Vertical progress bar would be awesome! I’m working on a report and would like to visualize overall progress towards completion for each function of the team, but I only have a tiny portrait box of space to do this in - so a vertical progress bar would be real nice. I’m currently using V.Rule to represent this.


Adding your vote for this feature request, thanks @Chris_Green!


Would absolutely love to have the ability to rotate shapes, rectangles, and images, at least by 45° increments, but even better would be free rotate. Icons would also benefit from adding 45° steps or free rotate.

You could also reduce the actual number of controls by re-implementing “horizontal” and “vertical” paired items as a single item with at least two discrete orientation options or completely free rotation.

Giving elements that accept text the option to either hold text horizontal or rotate it with the object would also be useful.


Hi @Jenni_Merrifield,

Thanks for the post and the feedback. I have added your vote for this feature to our internal tracking.





I would also really like a rotation feature, at least for buttons. Putting a vertical button next to a vertical shape would be great!