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[feature request] Rotation of the objects and more generic elements



it would be extremely useful if it is be possible to rotate the objects. It’s really frustrating when you need have some feature just for verticals - e.g. square brealine for rectangle - I would like to use it for mockup of the horizontal toolbar (very long, title on the left side, then nothing and then buttons on the right), but it is not possible :angry:

Also e.g. the line tool - very basic thing which is missing - only vertical and horizontal separator available make the designs limeted (since the arrow, only object which has more freedom, is much thicker than the rest of the elements).

In general you could have much universal and intuitive prototyping tool if you have less elements but with more freedom and options - e.g. one line tool instead of horizontal and vertical separators…


Hi @Vaclav_Kocian,
Thanks for reaching out. I can see how frustrating it is to not be able to rotate these controls.

Some of our UI controls can be rotated via the Property Inspector (the label, image, and icon controls, for example), but most can’t. This limitation is intentional, and not due to programming complexity (it’s not hard to add technically).

The reason we don’t support rotating all controls is because we believe that in 90% of cases, it is not needed in wireframes. In fact, adding the ability to rotate any control will likely result in wireframes that are very hard if not impossible to implement by the development team.

I know this doesn’t help you in this case and we do want to keep the conversation open. You are not the first to request this. Check out this forum thread on the topic and feel free to add your thoughts.

One workaround I can offer is to rotate a control in a drawing app and then import it as an image.

Another possibility for your Breakline dilemma would be to add Breakline left and right to the Rectangle Border Styles. I will make sure that gets added to our feature request list.

Thanks again for your thoughts, we value your ideas so keep them coming! :slight_smile:


Hey @Vaclav_Kocian,

About the H.Rule/V.Rule controls: I just wanted to add that offering the ability to change the Arrow thickness would probably be a good step in that direction, I’m adding your vote for it. In the meantime, the Wireframe Skin may help with this. :slight_smile:


I am one of the 80% of the users that design the 10% cases :wink:

No offense, your product is awesome, but this feature really is missing. Word has had this since version 6 or something.

You should be able to get some inspiration from InkScape or similar on object rotation. I need it a lot for different things.


Hi all,
thank you for your replies. I like that it’s possible to discuss the features here directly with the dev team :slight_smile:

@phil - I understand your point of view but I don’t agree with it, I think you’re working with the wrong premise. Currently it’s almost always possible, but usually using some crazy and lengthy workaround, to achieve what I want. Even if you tell me that the dev team won’t be able to develop it. But it’s up to me and my team what we agree we want to develop. More specific elements are very nice and make some stuff quicker but it’s incredibly frustrating when you have at your disposal things like a Link Bar (which is just, well, a coulple of links) but still missing basic line tool. Believe it or not, sometimes I need to use a line which is not strictly vertical or horizontal. In the end you have dozens and dozes of elements in the library but missing some basic ones.

@Virgin arrow thickness would be nice, I’ve asked for it already at least once. I always work in wireframe mode so this doesn’t really help.

@hsatech agree…


Hey @hsatech! Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Rotation is a topic that we continually discuss, so thanks for your input (btw I added your vote for this already from another thread). While we totally understand why it could help some people to achieve very specific needs, we also want to keep our tool as easy-to-use as possible for everyone. Mockups is meant to be a starter tool, and we want it to stay along those lines.

That being said, suggestions are always welcome, and we’ll keep that discussion open of course. If you have any specific case in mind, please let us know.


Looks like we were replying at the same time @Vaclav_Kocian :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks for sharing your needs with us. We really appreciate that. More flexibility to the arrow control should probably cover your specific need here, so we’ll make sure to think more about that.

As I mentioned above, we love to hear specific needs that you guys may have so please don’t be shy in requesting those. We’re here to help as much as we can!


@Virgin @phil

From my point of view, I see 5 basic shapes to make my life easy and wonderful. And the great thing is that all of them actually are in the balsamiq already, just some of the options are missing:

  1. Line - current options + free transformation and movement, line thickness, length (set to englarge/make smaller in curren direction). This could replace h. and v. separator.
  2. Arrow - current options + just like a line
  3. Rectangle - current options + border thickness + rotation
  4. Oval - current shape + separate border style settings and shape (currently it’s not possible to create a circle with a dashed border - why?!?) + rotation
  5. Rounded rectangle - like a rectangle + radius of the corners + rotation

My biggest issue is simply that some options are available for some elements only from your decision that you think you know what people should/want to do. You can still keep all that wonderful and really specific shapes like Menu, Link Bar, Tag cloud but please don’t forget about power users who would appreciate VERY BASIC elements with conventional options.

With a few basic elements, you’re not sacrificing accessibility for everyone but you could make your top 10% of power users who are using the tool every day to it’s limits (e.g. like me) very, very happy.

(speaking of simplicity, just look at e.g. Sketch - they have less options for the basic elements and still there’re no limits to what’s possible to achieve with the tool)

I was very happy that after some discussion it was possible to change incredibly difficult to use arrow tool into today’s state so I hope we’re on the right track here to improve also other elements :wink:


Thanks for the very detailed requests, @Vaclav_Kocian! I’ve added all these to our internal tracker, and we will discuss it more with the team.

We keep trying to make our tool better and appreciate you taking the time to share your input. Arrows are definitely much better today! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend, my friend!