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[Feature Request] Ruler or measurement tool


Can we get a basic ruler tool or way to do a quick measurement across any area of our mockup?


Hey @eventhough!

While I think having a ruler would be great for some design apps, I’m not sure it fits the pen and paper design ethos we have for Mockups 3.

What were you thinking of designing that might need a ruler?


I think it would be a really useful tool just to make rough estimates. For example, I just sent this bit of feedback to the team that built Voila, an OSX screen recorder. In my mockup I wanted to get a rough estimate of the marquee selection which appears in my screenshot.

I imagine many users take screenshots of existing apps and add to them with balsamiq. Without a ruler tool, we don’t have an easy way to take quick measurements. Maybe even a ruler guide on the X/Y axis would be helpful.


Ahh, that makes sense. I will pass this along to the developers, @eventhough, and they will discuss it!

In the interim, if you are on OS X, you can use a program like Free Ruler or Xscope (on Windows there is a program called, aptly enough, “A Ruler.”)


I’d also like to have a rulerin Balsamiq. For now when I need to measure something, i measure it with a rectanle, and that it so… strange!