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[Feature request] "Scramble"/"unalign" to make wireframes look even more unpolished


Sometimes in Balsamiq you end up having too neatly aligned and spaced items in your wireframes.

At such times it would be nice with a feature to “scramble” or “unalign” items with the click of button: Offsetting selected items a few pixels in random directions to make things look less finished and polished.

This would really be in the spirit of the “sketchy” wireframes produced in Balsamiq and it would help you (get back to) focusing on the interaction design instead of the visual design.


Hi @Andreas_Ibsen,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today! I really like that one. :slight_smile:

Before moving forward, I know that you’re using our tool since a while but are you working with the Sketch skin?

This one is supposed to give the look you are looking for. Does it look sketchy enough?


I’m aware of the sketch skin - however, sometimes even then, you have aligned and spaced things too neatly and need to shake it up a bit to explore ideas further and deeper instead of just polishing :slight_smile:


Totally get your point @Andreas_Ibsen! I just wanted to make sure that you knew about all the available options.

I’m adding your request in our internal tool, and we’ll discuss it more with the team.

Please keep the ideas coming, my friend. That helps us a lot! :slight_smile: