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[Feature Request] Scrollbar for "go to mockup" in presentation mode


Hi there,

I’m now working on a big project with lots of mockups in one BMPR. For some of them I have alternate versions, so the new feature switching to and between alternate versions in presentation mode is very important for me, thank you!
But what I have also found out, that there is no scroll bar in go to mockup feature in presentation mode.
As I have many mockups, not all of them fit to this list :frowning:
Is it possible to add the scrollbar here?


Hi @Liubi,

Sorry for the trouble here. I’ve just passed it to our dev team so we can improve this.
I’ll let you know as soon as we have a fix for it! Thanks for the detailed report, as always. :slight_smile:


is there anything new regadring this issue?
It’s really bothering me :cry:


Hey @Liubi,

It’s not fixed yet but it is on our list to fix very soon! I’ll give it a nudge because I can totally see how annoying that one must be.

Thanks for your patience and continuous help. :slight_smile:

Hope you had a great summer time.