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Feature request - Search for specific mockups in large projects


So, I sometimes keep my projects quite focussed, but there are always one or two which are sprawling collections of ideas and tangential designs. Quite often I find myself unable to find a particular mockup as I can’t remember which file to start sifting through, or what the mockup title might be. I thought of a couple of features which could help in this scenario:

  • Text Search within project file. This could search within all text-based objects (including sticky notes and mockup notes) to pull out all mockups that have a match.

  • Option to order mockups by time/date of last edit (whilst preserving the manual order so you can revert to that view afterwards)

This is partially inspired by MS OneNote. I’ve been using this for recording design ideas, research etc for all of my projects lately. It’s hugely flexible and a quick search can zero in on any past ideas which you need to revisit. I’ve got used to this flexibility and it’d be great if Balsamiq could follow suit one day!


Absolutely, Chris. Finding Mockups is a pain point we are working on right now.

It won’t come with 3.3 (that release is right around the corner) but Find (and Find and Replace) is penciled in for 3.4. I cannot promise that that’s when it will come, but we have been working on it for a couple weeks now, and it feels like it will be ready in time for that.

As for ordering mockups by date, that’s definitely something that’s been requested before. It’s not something that is on our current roadmap, but the more folks show a need for it, the more likely it will end up there :). I’ll add your comments to that discussion.

As always, thanks for taking the time to give us awesome, well thought out feedback, Chris. Keep it coming! :slight_smile:


Cool - thanks Brendan! :smile: