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Feature Request: See list of components used on a Mockup and also their order


Currently I am unable to see a list of all components & symbols I have used on my current mockup.
If I have a complex Mockup with multiple components like data grids, labels, text boxes, menus etc also layers on top of one another it is very difficult to find all of them.
Would be good if on the side bar (or any other suitable place) where you see all the mockups we have an expandable menu under it and it shows

  • All the components being used
  • All the symbols being used
  • The order in which they are used.

If I have a rectangle, on top of which I put a label-1 on top of which I put label-2. Now if label-1 and 2 are of the same size label-1 will be lost under label-2 and I may never know about it.
But if the ordering is in place it will be easy to locate it

  • Rectangle
    • Label 1
      • Label 2
  • Data Grid
    • Button Add
    • Button Delete
  • Title
  • Text
  • Rectangle
    • Image

An advanced feature would be ability to drag the components and reorder it. Similar to what we do right now by using “Send Back” “Send to front”


Hi @Stallion_V,

This is a well-considered post - very much appreciate it.

I definitely see the benefit in what you are describing. Indeed, we’ve discussed the idea of Photoshop-style ‘layers’ in the editor and there’s a good overlap with that idea and what you write here.

I’ve added your request to our tracking. Thanks again!