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Feature Request: Selection Independant from Symbol


I know you’re working on nested symbols. And I have another request in here for be able to “hide” elements of a symbol instance.

Here’s a similar one - it would be awesome if the “selection” of partciular elements could be symbol independant. A lot of my symbols are headers. And I have link bar and such in them. Often each instance needs a different element of the link bar selected and I have to override the properties in each instance.

It would be awesome if I could change which item in a link bar or similar item without overriding. Just something for you all to think about.

Oh! And I feel like the selected element in the link bar is pretty faint. I end up wanting the selected item to be bolded as well as underlined - which I do by adding ** around the item so I have an adequate work around.


Hey, Rae!

I think I see what you are looking for, but I want to make sure, just in case.

You would like to have a symbol with a selectable control, and you want to be able to change the selection on the symbol (not the symbol source) without overriding the symbol.

Forgive me. I am fighting a nasty cold and am more Dayquil than man.


Yup you have it right. I probably wasn’t very clear either. But if editing the selection on a piece of the symbol didn’t over ride the symbol then I wouldn’t worry when I wanted to change all my headers that I’m going to lose to the “selected” state.

(Hope the man overruns the Dayquil eventually!)


Thaaaat makes sense.

Thanks for clarifying that for me, Rae. I will pass it along :slight_smile:


This sounds exactly what I need too, please add my vote :slight_smile:

My usage:
I have a symbol for a common toolbar that I’m using across many mockups - it includes a button with a link. (Actually several of these)
I would love to be able to change the link on some mockups to show different ideas for the thing which is opened from that button.

At the moment I am adding an identical button with a different link on top of the symbol, that would be OK but
a. PDF export for this doesn’t always work as I recently reported,
b. If I want to make a change to the overridden bit of the symbol (say the button text) then I need to do it in all the mockups which override it, which rather defeats the point of using a symbol. (Having about 70 mockups with the same symbol (toolbar) would not be unusal for me, so it’s easy to miss updating one with no find facility.)
If there’s another way I should be doing this though please let me know :slight_smile: