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Feature request - separate colour for icon and text


I use the “Icon and label” object a lot. I find it strange that the text and icon colour cannot be defined separately, since in almost any UI I can think of icon labels are standardised, regardless of the icon colour itself.

Take a look at your phone’s app list - lots of colour but consistently black/grey/white text, I’ll bet

Any time I want to use coloured icons I have to use separate labels, which is a bit of a hassle.

Whilst we’re at it, how about icon colour support in lists?


Added your vote for both requests, @Chris_Gatland. Thanks for sharing your needs, as always. :slight_smile:




Both of these (but particularly the icon and label colour) would be very nice time savers.

Using the {colour:000000}{colour} markup is a reasonable workaround but it is fiddly to add in and then fiddly when you need to change the labels.