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Feature request: Set selected item for ComboBox


I’d like to see some enhancements for the ComboBox control. I want to be able to correctly show a selected item in the list, and depending on the ComboBox being editable or not, see the correct selection state for the entry in the box itself. If you make it really comfortable, the item in the box itself would be automatically duplicated from the selection in the list below :wink:
Here’s an illustration of what I mean and different workarounds how to build it:

These constructions all have their shortcomings: either too many items that need to be resized and placed individually, or, with the different paddings of the controls, the less complicated versions just don’t look nice.
Maybe you guys can do something about it?


Hey @PhilippQF,

You couldn’t share your thoughts on this at a better time as we are actually discussing the best way to improve the ComboBox control.

I added your comments and ideas in our internal tracker so we can review it with the team.

Thanks so much for the feedback, perfect timing! :smile:


Cool :slight_smile: Maybe something was in the air …


Some things I’d like to see for the combo box.

  • Have a checkbox to toggle state (open/closed)
  • Have the dropdown options work like the data grid, so that I can format them as a multi-column grid.


Hi all,

Great news! We just released our latest official version (3.3.5) including our revamped ComboBox control which will now display the selected item!

Thanks again for the request @PhilippQF!

You can get the new version (3.3.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here:


Cool :sunglasses: Very nice improvements in the new version. Thanks!


Hi guys,

I seek a multi-select list too, but the combobox within Balsamiq (3.5.7) seems to allow only one proper selection, and icons to spoof multiple selections. The list control allows one selection, and “checks” and other icons to indicate selections, which is not realistic.

Is there a control that looks like a true multi-select box ( and allows more than one selection using the mouse, which can be shown interactively?



There is nothing built in, but you can “fake” it using a list-component with alternate row colors or built your own multi-select as a symbol. But as Balsamiq is for plain wireframes, you will not get an “interactive” HiFi-Prototype.


Hey @DHD,

As @heringsfilet mentioned, we do not offer multiple selection for the ComboBox control (I’ve just added your vote for the request), but you can easily work around it by using a semi-opaque borderless rectangle, as detailed here.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks @heringsfilet and @Virgin. I take the point re: interactivity, it’s not the main issue for me anyhow.

re: lists and the workaround - I am glad you added my vote to the list as I think the whole point of mockups is to represent the artifacts a user may come across and make the most sense to use, such as the linked HTML select multi control. I am using Balsamiq as I grew tired of creating my own version of standard controls in Visio :wink:

Now to see if I can copy that video example!..


As a heads up, if you change from the first item being selected, you need to add a blank line at the top of the available items or that first item isn’t visible. Took me a few minutes to figure that out.