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Feature Request Share individual mockups via url


Hi there. I had a look at the cloud version. Looks good, definitely a performance improvement. Compared to MyBalsamiq I am missing one little feature, that does not look important, but was a huge additional value:

Share images by URL. And I mean a URL to the actual PNG, and not a page with the mockup inside.

When we work with issue trackers, it is so nice to just put the image URL and embed the image that way. Then I can go and edit the image and the picture in the issue trackers stays up to date. It makes it so much easier to keep the issue trackers on the correct version. And developers don’t have to click any links, they see the mockups embeded as an image directly in the issue.

In some projects for me that was a big enough reason to use MyBalsamiq, even though working with it, was generally slower than working with the desktop version.


Hi again @Roland_Studer,

You’re definitely not the first to ask about this feature so I’m adding your vote for it. We’ll try to come up with the best possible way to address this need in the future.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Let us know if you need anything else.