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[Feature request] - Show project structure in table of content of exported PDF


Hi All,

I have a feature request:
it would be nice that once you export the PDF and open it, you see the same structure in the PDF table of content as the Balsamiq project structure has. See picture below.

In current situation. The exported PDF has a completely FLAT structure,…which makes it pretty much unreadable if you have a 77 page project


[Feature request] - Add 'table of content' feature (...grid-like-site-map)

Maybe as a workaround you can create a “sitemap” and choose to “populate from project”. This will have a structure and you can put this mockup as a first “page”.


Hi @Daniel82,

Thanks for reaching out today! Interesting idea, I’ll add the request to our internal tracker so we can further discuss it with the team.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.

We are always looking for your ideas and thoughts about Mockups, please keep it coming Daniel! :slight_smile:


Hi Heringsfilet,

I tried that already, but unfortunately the site map doesn’t fit the Balsamiq canvas, and therefor isn’t printed correctly. See picture.
But thanks anyway




Any news here?

I’d like to see this PDF structure as well. This is more than nice to have for me. We have lots of (non interactive) mockups with 40 / 50 pages. The structure we can create in Mockups is a great feature, I’d like to see this great feature exported into PDFs :o)



Hi @andi and thanks for sharing your interest in this one.

We’re heads down on our next major version (native) right now but I’m adding your vote for this one, to help to prioritize the request for the future.

Anything else, we’re here! :slight_smile:


Is this a native desktop client or “only” the web client for your balsamiq portal?


Both @andi! The native version will be available as a web version first, and then all our products will follow that (including a Desktop one). No ETA yet but our new web version is already in private Beta.

Any questions, we’re here! :slight_smile:


Honestly… I’d prefer the mockup-structure-in-pdf to a native client ;o)

I’m currently working with some 90 page mockups, the structure in Mockups is perfect, if I send the exported pdf to others, it’s a disaster! :o(

See other requests as well (they might be merged):


This is something we are definitely going to look into once the native versions ship, @andi. Sorry for the long wait, but I think it will be worth it. :slight_smile:


The following is plain-spoken: A native client is an NFR. Do you really want your customers to wait so long for new features?

OK. I don’t know, what additional features you have planned in the native client, so it might be loaded with helpful stuff :o)


Totally get your point, @andi. We’re really excited about this major new release that is around the corner but we also want to keep in mind the features that people request the most.

Please be sure that we continue to prioritize them in our internal tool. This way, we’ll know which ones to tackle first when the new version is out.

And yes, exciting new features will definitely included in the new release! :slight_smile: