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[feature request] show which object the alignment guide originates from


I love the fact that the alignment guides appear when I’m nudging a shape with the keyboard. I’m surprised more applications don’t offer this (yet). Very handy, but I’ve thought of something that could make it better.

I sometimes end up with many objects above or to the left of the shape I’m trying to align, and they’re not necessarily the same size / alignment, so as I move the new shape, I see a new set of alignment guides each time I move it. Would you consider adding some kind of highlighting / hinting to the object that is the origin or anchor of the guide? This would let me know that I’m lining the right things up. (It also presumes I’m warranted in wanting perfect alignment in my rough mockups, but that’s a separate issue.)


Hi @ebow,

Good to hear that the smart guides for alignment seem to fit your needs and thanks for the suggestion on improving it. Determining which object defines the alignment could be very handy in the case you mentioned.

I’ve added your comment to our internal tracker so we can review and consider it for the future.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.


This could be a serious improvement to an already nice feature.

Though this would, for me, be only handy in the case of the center (blue) guides. The others are aligned to the side and it’s visible to the eye which of the objects it’s aligned to.


I’d also like to see a similar feature.

@WeeDz, I think it’s only easy to see what the grey alignment guides are for. I’d like this feature most for the gold alignment guides, since you can’t be sure WHICH item it is saying the current object is 15px away from.