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[Feature request] Similarly Named Alternative Versions are Renamed in All Mockups


Renaming an Alternative Version in one Mockup, renames all similarly named versions in other mockups.

To reproduce:

  1. Create 2 or more mockups,
  2. Add one or more version(s) to each mockup,
  3. Rename the alternative versions to “Testing” for example in all mockups,
  4. Rename “Testing” version in one mockup only to “Testing X”,
  5. Goto to the other mockup(s) and notice the “Testing” version there got renamed to “Testing X” as well!

I’m running:
Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.5.15 - 10/16/2017 10:39
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 23,0,0,162


@tech - This is actually a feature not a bug. The application is designed so that once you give several alternatives the same name that they become a “set”. Then, at the top of the wireframe browser, you can select from a dropdown any alternative name in your document and it will switch every wireframe with an alternative of the selected name to that alternative. Once a set exists, changing the name of one alternative in the set changes all of them so the set doesn’t break.

Now, maybe there should be two buttons in the rename dialog when renaming an alternative that is part of a set which allows you to rename “This Alternate Only” or “All Alternates in Set”


Hi @tech and thanks for reaching out about this.

As @Jenni_Merrifield mentioned, this behavior is the expected one. More details on this page.

Would you like to see the option that Jenni mentioned?
If that’s the case, could you please share the use case for which this would be useful?

Looking forward to hearing more about this.


@Virgin I can immediately think of one obvious use case - if an alternate has been put into one set but now you want to remove it from that set, not by selecting an existing alternate name (and thus putting it in another existing set) but by giving it a unique name so it’s not in any set.


Thank you @Jenni_Merrifield and @Virgin

I encountered this naming issue in two different projects. In one project I wanted to give versions meaningful names instead of the default random ones. So, in each mockups I had ver.1, ver.2, etc. Then I wanted to rename each version to add a distinctive feature to it, such as ver.1 Larger Bards, ver.2 Shifted List, etc.

In another project, I had to design 2 versions of each mockup for different language orientations, LTR and RTL. Each mockup in that project has “official version” in LTR orientation and “RTL” version for the mirrored orientation. The “set” feature prevented me from independently renaming versions in each mockup then. For example, I could not rename an existing RTL version in one mockup to “RTL old” for example to create a new “RTL” there without affecting all RTL versions in the whole project!

Yes, I think the feature Jenni suggested is needed. It is even needed for the set feature itself in case to get a version out of it as she pointed out.


I’m feeling the pain of this feature right now. I came to the forum, expecting this to be a bug. This behavior definitely causes me a lot more problems than it alleviates. Jenni’s suggestion would meet my needs too.


Hi @itsclockwork,

Thank you! When @tech raised this issue, we created an internal ticket to track it. I’ve now added your vote in support (of an option for renaming only this alternate).