Feature request: size of text in input windows

OK, so as it turns out, sometimes you are working for many, many hours straight and it becomes more difficult to see small things on a big monitor, like the characters in the input text boxes. I don’t see anything that enables changing the size of that font. Anything available to address this oh-so-unfortunate reality?

Hey @sdwarwick,

Thanks for sharing your need about this. Just to make sure I get this right: you’re not looking for a way to resize the font of the text once edited, but for a way to adjust the “edit” window while editing it, correct?

Yes, you got my meaning exactly. Thanks for your reply.

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Great, thanks for confirming!

While we don’t have any feature that could help with this for now, I’ll raise this matter to the team so we can think about it. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Windows Magnifier might help for this

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Hi, I really can’t understand how such an important ability - to expand the text input is still not available. We have a deal with one of the most common interaction controls, guys! :slight_smile:
Exporting separate mockups from one artboard is also something that it’s a shame you hadn’t release yet.

Thanks for sharing your needs, @Greta09!

I’ve added your vote for this ability, we’ll be able to investigate it more soon since we’re about to launch our new major Desktop product and it’s native.

About exporting separate mockups/wireframes: would you mind sharing more details about your workflow? I’m wondering if there’s already a way to achieve what you’re looking for.

Sure, Virgin, here’s my use case:

Having few screens in one artboard ( mockup as you call it ) is crucial.
Exporting that SINGLE artboard and getting separate screens ( as separate files) as results is what I need and what makes sense to me and my students who always ask me HOW DO WE SAVE DIFFERENT SCREENS?:)) Placing separate screens into different artboards makes no sense and is not convenient. If you want me to show my and my students perception - I can help you with that.

Thanks for sharing more details!

You can export a subset of the controls in your wireframe by selecting them on the canvas and using the Export Current Mockup to PNG command (CMD/CTRL+R). The export dialog will ask you if you want to export only the selected controls or the entire mockup.


Hope this helps! :slight_smile: