[Feature Request] Support delete of UI Control immediately after adding

I use the Quick Add to add controls to my mockups. Relatively often, I’ll add the wrong control (e.g. when I typ ‘par’ for paragraph, the first control it returns is an H. rule). I’d love to be able to just hit the Delete key immediately after the control gets added, but that doesn’t work. Even though I just added the control and it appears selected, I still have to click on the control before I can hit the delete key.

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Hi @Susan-Chopra,

Thanks so much for the post and for this feedback.

I think you make a good point here - it’s not as intuitive as it could be. We’re in the process of creating new native versions of our Desktop apps. so, while I can’t promise this change will make it back into Mockups 3 for Desktop, we’ll definitely consider it for the new Desktop apps. which we expect to ship later this year. For a little background on our current evolution, see: Coming soon: Balsamiq Wireframes

Thanks again for this note and happy wireframing!