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Feature request: Support pasting of images with an alpha channel


Currently, when pasting from the clipboard into Balsamqis, a PNG alpha channel is set to black instead of transparent. Since the alpha channel is supported when importing an image, it should work the same way.


Hey Again, @Colin_Heics.

Can you tell me a little more about your setup? Are you on Windows or OS X, and what PNG are you having trouble with?

When I try and copy paste the PNG from our press page ( the transparency is preserved, so there is something weird going on here.

Whatever it is, we’d love to get it fixed!


I’m on OSX and I’m copying a set of layers from “” and pasting into Balsamiqs. The same workflow, pasting into Word preserves the alpha channel.


Ahh, I see Colin. I’m sorry about the trouble

Would it be possible to email the image to us? That would let us play around with it and see why it’s not preserving the alpha channel. We wouldn’t share the image with anyone outside the team, and only keep it long enough to determine what the problem is.

If that works for you, our email is If you would prefer to send it directly to me, my email is

Thanks :slight_smile: