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[Feature Request] Swap Components

Hello! I have another humble feature request. Here’s the scenario:

I’m working on a wireframe and I have the wrong navigation item highlighted. I have “Timezone & Language” highlighted, but I want to highlight the “Personal Info” item instead:

A few ways to accomplish this would be:

  • Swap the background colors of the items. That would take a few clicks and data entry, but it works.
  • Or… swap the background rectangles, which would require moving things around. You’d drag one rectangle to the side, drag the other one into it’s place… etc.

Which brings me to my request! Swapping object locations! Here’s how it could work:

  1. Select item #1
  2. Select item #2
  3. Right-click. In the context menu, an action called “Swap” would be available
  4. Clicking swap would swap the locations of the two objects

Using this feature would allow me to select the background rectangles and swap them. Easy! (You may need to swap z-order as well as position.)

Inkarnate has this feature and it’s really nice.


Hey @Bret_Truchan ,

Thanks for the post and for this idea - it’s a very cool idea and I’m surprised it has not come up before. No matter, I have written it up and added it to our tracking.

You probably know about grouping controls but, in the absence of a Swap feature, you can probably save yourself a little time by grouping those controls before noting their positions in the Property Inspector and typing those in to swap them. Might save yourself a little selecting and dragging and it also allows you to get the positions correct first time.

Alternatively, it seems like this situation could be addressed by a “copy formatting” tool:

  1. Click Copy Formatting, select “Timezone and Language”
  2. Apply formatting to “Personal Info” by selecting it (formatting is updated on “Personal Info”
  3. Repeat the process and apply a non-selected format to “Timezone and Language”

I think Copy Format would be a powerful addition to Balsamiq. I can think of a number of areas I would have used this on if it had been available.

You’re not the first one to ask for it @iangoodsell. I’ll give the story a little nudge and we can talk about it again soon.

Quick update: I just remembered that it wasn’t Inkarnate that had this feature, it was Inkscape:


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