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[Feature Request] Template assets

Perhaps it’s already possible somehow, if not it’s definitely something Balsamiq is missing atm. I’m talking about the ability to create “complex” objects (groups) and safe them as assets. Why?

  • For using them later on in different wireframes and even different projects
  • Option to edit them globally or isolate them from the template and edit them locally

Especially the latter point is something I’m really missing now! If I decide to change some group or element in wireframe A, but this object also exists in wireframe X, Y and Z. Then I’ll need to change/overwrite it over and over again, which is pretty cumbersome…

Perhaps this functionality is not there because Balsamiq Studios want’s to keep things simple in a prototyping tool. But if that is the case, I personally think this simplicity is more of an obstacle then an aid.

Hey @kristofvdj88,

Balsamiq has it already, they call these Symbols. And you can use these across the projects.
Here is how: Symbols :sunglasses:

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Wow, very nice. This will exponentially speed up my prototyping :slight_smile: Thank you Alexey!