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Feature Request: text find/replace


You switched from “bummel”(bmml) to “bumper”(bmpr) which sounds better and is in fact much faster.
One advantage of the file solution was that you could easily open all your mockups and run a search&replace command in a text editor to change for example names in every mockup.
It would be great if you could offer something similar in the new version.

In a current project I need to check about 100 wireframes and change every occurance of the name. For text I couldnt figure out how to use symbols wise.

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Hi Frederik, thanks for checking on this. Text find/replace is on our list for the future, and I am adding your vote.

However, I want to make sure you knew how to make the text as a symbol. You can make a group out of any controls, even a single control. So you could add a Label, make it a group, and convert it to a symbol, and use that throughout your project. Hope that helps!


Hi Ben, thanks for your answer. I know how to use symbols but I don’t think it make sense in my context as the text appears not only in label but also in texts, buttons, etc. :smile:


Ah, that makes more sense. You’re right—we don’t have support for that kind of recurring text in a project.


Is there a way to “hack” this feature? in .bmml I could easily run find/replace in a text editor. Is it possible to access the database of the bumper-format?
If not I need to export as bmmls, edit them and reimport the bmmls…


Right now, there is not a way to hack this. Sorry!


I’d like to add my vote for this…including the custom property information…at least to search if not replace (though replace would be nice). A nice intermediate step for search would be to be able to export all the JSONs at once (maybe to ZIP) rather than have to do each one individually.


Add my vote too. I have many mock-ups in a single bmpr and
sometimes want to move items around. I’d like to quickly do a partial search
for the text on the items as I find it difficult to find labels on so many mock-ups.
I have to search by eye which takes forever.

i.e. If I have a label with the text “Field company ID”, I’d
like to be able to find this by searching for “comp”, or “id”.


+1 for a search and replace feature. Would save me a LOT of time!


Please add my vote as well.


+1. This is a must have feature


+1 here as well for me!


Find and Replace would be brilliant - it is such a basic feature. I frequently want to start new projects from old wireframes I would go a step further and ask for “Global Variables” i.e. a way that I could define a text string in one place and change it easily across all instances.


+1 vote. This feature is a must!


+1, must have feature


+1, please, that’s essential!


+1 vote


+1 vote from me too


+1, much needed feature. Find and replace. Please raise a project ticket.


In our agile world, business owners make frequent changes on the fly. It’s almost impossible to keep up at times. Search and replace would certainly help! Please add my vote as well.