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Feature Request: text find/replace


Is this on the list of the next release?


Hi @olivesu and thanks for checking on this one.

Right now, we are working hard on moving away from our Adobe Air/Flash dependencies but this feature is very much on our to-do list. We plan to tackle it once we release a native version of our tool.

I’m adding your vote for it, thanks for sharing your need. :slight_smile:


+1 vote for me, too. I discovered that someone has been spelling a word wrong throughout a massive mockup and fixing it is VERY PAINFUL.


+1 Vote. I also had the same scenario like in @HeatherBauer comment.


+100 votes! (can I do that? heheh)


Nice try @tunebeach61! :laughing:

I’m definitely adding your vote there. On a bright note, it is one of the most requested ones already so definitely on our list for the future.


Yup, sometimes I’ll need to use the same mockups for different clients, which means changing PRODUCTX to PRODUCTY in EVERY SINGLE MOCKUP, which is a huge pain to do manually… a quick search/replace for text in all mockups would be awesome. I too used to do that by searching/replacing within the XML file, but that’s gone. Sad.


Thanks for sharing your need @otolithe, just added your vote there.

For now, you might want to try using the Symbols feature for elements that are used multiple times in your project, and that may need changes at a later point.


Nah symbols are way overkill for that, as I’m mostly concerned about changing text (like company/product name, dates etc.) in boilerplate text throughout my mockups in a given project…


Yeah totally makes sense, just wanted to mention it in case it could help in the meantime. Anything else, we’re here!


Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m surely wrong), but I don’t see what the issues would be to implement a simple search/replace that would look in all field/widget content where users can type in free text, like text areas, selects, text blocks, hyperlinks etc.


Found a workaround: export my Balsamiq3 project to BMML ZIP archive, unzip, open all the .bmml XML files in my favorite code editor, search/replace in all files, save all, open Balsamiq3, choose New project… then Import from BMML folder and voilà!
Not exactly great but saves me a ton of time.


While our main focus is on the development of our native apps, this feature is one of the most requested ones and it’s definitely on our list!


“native apps”?


We’re moving away from our Adobe dependencies (Flash/Air), you can read all about it in this blog post. Let us know in case you’d like to try out one of the new products (or join the private beta for the new web version) and we’ll help you get set up.


That’s awesome news… I always hated Air. Native app will be available for macOS I suppose? I’d sure like to try it out, even though I won’t be using Balsamiq very frequently in the near future, once my current project is done.


Yes indeed! We’re already working on it and we expect the new Desktop versions to come out in 2018 (I’ve added your email to the beta waiting list for the Mac version). Maybe they’ll be ready for your next project. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any information about another product in the meantime. We’re here to help!


Bump. This would be a really handy feature.


How can we sign up for the new web version beta?


You can do it from this page @RichO! :slight_smile: