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[Feature Request] Text generation for random names, dates, times, email, etc

I’ve been playing around in “Lunacy”, which is mostly identical to Sketch. They have this wonderful feature where you can type in something like “;fullname” anywhere you could add text, and it will resolve to a random full name for you. They have this for all sorts of data, which saves me tons of time coming up with placeholder data. I could see this as a great addition to Balsamiq.

Here are the Lunacy shortcut codes:

Hi there @Bret_Truchan

Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s an interesting suggestion but I wonder how popular it would be given our focus on low-fidelity wireframing where the message often is ‘the name goes here’ or ‘there will be some text here’ rather than a specific example of real world data.

No matter, we appreciate the feedback and we’ll be interested to hear if this is something that others may want or need?

Very good point, @alasdair. My wireframes are often a bit more detailed than standard wireframes, so I’d understand if this feature would not be popular enough to implement.

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I might vote with Bret on this one. We do low fidelity. However, when it gets to datatables we find that providing a little more context (i.e. headers and data that makes sense) allows for people to understand what the page will look like. So, often we go into Excel and create the data that we need and then bring it back into Balsamiq.

That said, the devil is in the details. We usually provide 10+ rows of examples in a datatable. There may be 7 or 8 columns. We often use customer location numbers, first name, last name, email, dates, currency amounts. However, the dates, amounts, etc. are very use-case specific. If my client was expecting $1,000 to show up and autogeneration chooses $20,000 that isn’t helpful. So, then it requires parameters for most of the different kinds of auto-fills.

I think this sounds nice but I’m not sure I would use it… even though I need it :-). Perhaps Balsamiq could make it great, but unless it is almost perfect, I am still likely using Excel.

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Thanks for the additional feedback.

It’s not the same as an in-app solution but I have used various online tools to create dummy data when wireframing e.g.