[FEATURE REQUEST] The user should be able to view Comments and Inspector panels at the same time


This feature is needed for effective collaboration. At the moment, working with comments requires frustrating jumping from panel to panel when viewing comments, making changes and replying to the comments based on the changes made.

Using keyboard shortcuts would reduce the annoyance a bit but with a Nordic keyboard it’s unfortunately impossible since some shortcuts don’t work (E.G. the “;” character is entered as “SHIFT + ,” with our keyboard layout and this makes using “CTRL + ;” impossible)

I’ve attached a draft to illustrate the idea.


Thanks for sharing your need about this @theCrow!

That’s an interesting idea and I’m sharing with the team so we can discuss it more. As always, if others would find this useful, please let us know by adding your comment or by liking this post.


Would absolutely love to see this behaviour! And not just for Comments and Inspector but also for Project info.

The example @theCrow has shown is very similar to other applications with multiple panels, like Illustrator, Photoshop or even Visual Studio, where there is a choice between overlapping them (with separate tabs) or separating them into panels (or a mix), usually with the ability to “collapse” panels, so only the title bar shows, or adjust how much vertical space each panel takes up.

Here’s an annotated screenshot from Illustrator:

  1. Multiple panels stacked in one location with tabs to navigate between them
  2. Collapsed panels show only the navigation tabs - double-click any tab to collapse panel, click any tab in a collapsed panel to expand it.
  3. Divisions between panels are adjustable, usually up to some minimum height (Blue mark represents the user’s cursor when hovering over division).

In Illustrator the user can choose whether individual panel “windows” are visible and can reorganize where panels go:

  • Clicking on the panel background (to the right of the tabs) and dragging and dropping with the mouse below, above or between two panels moves the whole panel to that location.
  • Doing the same but dropping with the mouse over a panel add the dropped panel(s) to the stack, with their tabs located on the right.
  • Clicking on a tab and dragging and dropping with the mouse beside or between two tabs moves its location in the tab order
  • Doing the same and dropping it above, below, or between another panel inserts a panel with just that tab in it at the appropriate location.
  • Doing the same and dropping it on top of another panel has the same effect as doing that with a whole panel.

Panels that are turned off reappear in the same location when turned back on


Has this idea been buried because of low activity?

We’re still in need for this so I’m bumping it to gather more interest.


Hi @theCrow and thanks for reviving this topic.

We’re still mainly focused on releasing our native editor to all platforms for now but we’ll get back to reviewing feature requests soon. We’re monitoring that one and we’ll keep adding votes to prioritize it accordingly.

Have a good day!