[Feature Request] Three options for the button bar that would save me a ton of time


Brand new paying customer! I love the button bar for a lot of things, but there are three additions that would make mocking up our internal work way simpler:

1.) Allow for a separation between buttons on the bar.
I know that this could be replicated by adding a ton of buttons, but some of our projects require big groups of buttons that aren’t attached. Being able to simply add a buffer between buttons in a button bar would be lovely.

2.) Enable ctrl-clicking on the selection dropdown, so you can highlight multiple buttons.
This is basically the difference between treating buttons on the button bar like a radio button, or like checkboxes. both have their purpose, and I’d love to be able to select multiple buttons quickly!

3.) Options for button sizing
This has been mentioned here, but I’ll repeat the request: Options for button sizing would be amazing! I like how they currently work usually, but there are definitely times where I’d love to be able to have all buttons the same size regardless of each cell’s contents.

Thanks! You guys make an amazing product. You’ve already saved me dozens of hours!


Thank you for the kind words, @Coach. They mean the world to us.

I will make sure that, when we look at the button bar next, this feedback is considered as well. If you have other suggestions as well, please share them. This is the type of stuff we love!


You guys are rock stars. The PM group I’m in fights about mockup tools all the time, and Mockups usually comes out on top. Can’t wait to see changes as they happen!


I was wanting to use button bar as a wizard stepper - i.e., you’re at step 3 out of 5 - and highlight all previous steps.
The existing wizard stepper in the controls doesn’t work that well unfortunately. Any update on if multiple selections is available?


Hi @Michael.Blake,

You can easily do it with symbol:

  1. Create and arrange a set of Buttons (or Shapes, etc.) to represent wizard’s steps
  2. Group these and create symbol, giving it a name (Wizardbar or such)
  3. Insert the Wizardbar symbol where you need and fill the buttons to represent progress

Balsamiq is really flexible tool ).


That’s all well and good but unfortunately it seems you can’t do symbols in symbols.

  1. I create a consistent set of symbols including the wizard steps
  2. I create a master page template (e.g., a symbol of the consistent broad page, the layouts etc)
  3. I want to add my wizard symbol into the master page. (Symbols in symbols aren’t allowed)

The concern here is if I want to make a change to the wizard symbols to ‘fix’ something, i’d have to do it everywhere it’s used - symbols make this much easier.

I realise it’s a flexible tool, but there appears to be minor use-cases that would make maintenance of large asset libraries much easier.


Michael, I got you. Nested symbols are not supported in Balsamiq.

You only can group the symbols to create the complex control. And you cannot give a name to the group to refer to it in Quick Add control, and the group will not appear in the UI Library panel.

The possible solution is to have a separate mockup (page) or a set of mockups where you store your UI assets so you can quickly pick needed UI control.

But it’s too hard to maintain consistency in UI across all the mockups if you need to change a particular asset in your UI library (.


Michael, you can try the following solution to implement wizard steps control:


So you’ll get something like this:


You can give each symbol an individual name to differentiate them in the UI Library and reference them in the quick add.

If you access the symbols view and double click on a symbol name in the navigator, you can assign a new name to the symbol control. If you used the symbol in wireframes the reference will not break.

I attached an example wizard based on 5 shape controls. I overwrote the color of the shapes to indicate that the user progressed.

Wizard_example.bmpr (26 KB)

Let us know if that meets your needs.


Hi Florian,

Thank you, your solution is good for me, but Michael’s use case is about nested symbols to implement complex UI controls )


Thank you for your help @Alexey_Kolchenko, this is really awesome. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to pop in and say that nested symbols are coming. They require some refactoring of the bmpr file format, which won’t happen until after we ship the new desktop apps. It’s still a ways off, but it’s coming!