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Feature Request - Toggling Markup outside of editing view



I really like working with balsamiq but what bugs me is that I can toggle the mark-up view while inside the editing view, but can not hide my markup in full screen presentation (as said from varying sources) and not in the preview screen.

I would love to be able to toggle my markup elements outside of the edit view. Like when I want to show my colleagues or clients something without mark-up first, for the desing, and then show them the functionality I was working on.

Thank you!


Actually you can in two ways:

  • in the toolbar on the top-right, you can click the “cog”. Then you have to option to show hide mark-up.
  • or just click the key “m”


The cog only appears during the editing view. And “m” does nothing for me. My shortcut is CTRL-K.

Maybe I am not getting it right. But I want to be able to toggle the markup-elements in this view:
Click me for screenshot


Hi @pDiem

@Roland_Studer’s information is correct for the desktop version (thanks for pitching in Roland!). I assume he thought that you are using the desktop version that we recently released because you categorized it as Mockups 3. From the screenshot you attached I can tell you are using myBalsamiq which is a different product.
I adjusted the category.

Currently we display images which always display the markups. This is a limitation of myBalsamiq.
Though the editor has also a full screen mode. In it you can hide the markup controls.

We are working on a new renderer for the single mockup pages and the launch presentation mode.
It will support toggling markups in addition to the existing features.


Wondering if there’s been any progress on this? I’d love to be able to toggle markups on/off on mybalsamiq’s presentation mode. I use “callouts” like crazy, but unfortunately they interfere with clicking on anything underneath them while the Markups are active. This makes it impossible for my colleagues to interact with the prototypes when my Callouts are strewn about every mockup.

Being able to toggle Markups on/off would be a decent work around. Thanks!


Our new native viewer can do this @Chris26, so it should be possible in the next generation of myBalsamiq.

I’ll check in with the team just to be sure! :slight_smile:


+1 on this feature