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Feature Request: track dependent mockup


Hi everyone!,

I use balsamiq everyday, I think that would be very usefull for me in the design mode (Not Fullscreen Presentation) can have the option to track precedents how refer to that mockup, because in my case I do a small changes and I forget which mockups refer to that one. I´m thinking in this solution that in the way that we use Excel for tracing precedents.




Hey there @elJulioSoy!

Thank you for taking the time to post this today. Feature requests are some of our favorite things to read because they help make Mockups better for the folks using it.

Normally, I would think that Symbols would be a potential workaround for your problem. However, as a power user, I imagine you are well versed in the art of Symbol making. I can also see that there might be situations where symbols wouldn’t work for something like this.

I’ve added your idea to our internal feature tracker so that we can talk about it! :smiley:

If there is anyone else that would find this feature useful, please like or comment on this post!


Just replying to add a +1 and see if this has made it on to the roadmap!


Thanks for reviving the topic @jjsararas.

I’ll add your vote for this one to help us prioritize this request. Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help! :slight_smile: