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[Feature Request] Transform symbols


Hi there,

I have a new feature request regarding transforming symbols.
For some symbols in my symbol libraries I have few versions, e.g. expanded and collapsed or normal, disabled and on focus. When I insert a symbol (usually consisting of a label or text input and some other controls), edit text in it and then try to transform it to another symbol, I get a fresh new empty symbol on canvas.

Is there an opportunity to keep text in symbols when transforming them?


Very interesting, thanks for sharing your idea with us, @Liubi.

While I can totally see how useful that may be in your workflow, we’ve been discussing it just now and there are two main difficulties involved with this one:

  • First, it may confuse some of our users since it is a different logic that the ones used by symbols (Overriding symbols or editing the symbol source are the two methods to modify the content of a symbol).
  • Secondly, this would be technically difficult to implement since this may not be a feature you would want to use whenever you transform a symbol into another one.

Again, thanks so much for keep sharing your ideas with us, Liubi. You know where to find us if you need anything else. :slight_smile: