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Feature Request: True Layers


Hi, happy Balsmiq owner here:

I’m sure this is a feature long on your roadmap and is likely dependent upon the new architecture and native apps upon which you’re working, but I’d love to see a true multilayer layering system where controls can be on separate layers and links can be used to show/hide layers. This would be in addition to the current “layer objects within the same layer” functionality.

Thanks for consideration!


Hi @wadesworld, thanks for your suggestion. This is not currently planned at this point. We are considering allowing you to show and hide portions of a symbol, as that’s where that feature would make the most sense. But we’re not planning right now on adding Photoshop-like layer functionality. We really want to keep the product focused and simple, and opening up layers could easily take us down the rabbit-hole so to speak. That’s not to say that we’ll never go there, but we’re not planning to right now.


I think a smaller addition could be more topographic looking outlines to indicate multiple layers or a z index indicator in the property inspector.


I’d really like to see true layers as well. The reason? I want to be able to show different modal pop-ups over the same background. However, in my current setup if anything changes in the background screen I have to update 4 different files each time.


@bmurata - Have you tried making the background a symbol so you don’t have to modify multiple mockups? I have been playing around with this myself when using modal screens. While the initial setup may take a little more time, in the long run this process saves time.


I was just about to try that (I saw a Symbols thread right after I posted this). Hopefully it’ll get me what I need (albeit in a less intuitive way).