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Feature Request: True preview of changes to objects


If, for example, I select a List object and change the Row Style settings, I need to de-select that object to see what it’ll truly look like.

This is because while selected, the object has a grey tint to show that it is selected, and this interferes with the colours of the object.

Essentially, if I’m moving through several different options for colours etc. on an object, the “preview” I’m seeing is not accurate because the object is selected and therefore all colours will be slightly darker/greyer.

This feature request is inspired in part by a new feature in iOS where changing the brightness of the iPhone screen from the swipe-up toolbox will remove the grey background tint temporarily so that the user can see a true representation of the new brightness setting.

Obviously I can de-select the object to see the true results, so it’s not a huge hassle - treat this as a nice-to-have!


Thanks for the feature request @ahobday . Improving the rendering of controls for WYSIWYG display is something that’s on our list for consideration in the future.