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[Feature Request] UI Groups/Layers across multiple mockup screens


I have a feature request: In order to show the flow through an application it would be useful to be able to have elements that span across many screens. To give you a simple example let’s look at a web app. You will have:

  • The browser window including site logo etc.
  • Elements common to a module (say filter functionality, login/logoff button etc.)
  • The selected data
  • Any modal dialogs that goes across three mockups

If I have to add a column to the selected data I have to edit four mockups - the one showing the selected data and the three mockups that show the modal dialog. If I have to change my browser window I have to touch all mockups.

It would great to create different layers where a layer can either span multiple or only single mockups. What I have in mind is similar to the timeline in a video editor like iMovie or Adobe Premiere. You could create different lanes that can span one or more actual mockup. So the background is shown on all mockup slides of the deck. However, the filter settings and log on/off buttons would be shown per module so they span less mockups than the background but still go across many slides. On the other hand a popup window or a modal dialog may only be visible on a single screen. So it would be shorter.

All the layer would be placed relative to their parent on top of each other and shown as a single mockup. The editing would work pretty much as the current group editing works. I would double click on an element and it will pick the whole frame it is associated with.

I hope the following Balsamiq mockup (best tool for the job ;-)) makes the idea sufficiently clear.



Hi @fhossfel,

Thanks for joining our forums and for sharing your suggestion today! :slight_smile:

It sounds like this could be achieved with our existing Symbols feature, have you tried to use it yet?

Hopefully, this will take care of your need but please let us know in case you need more. We’re always happy to help however we can!