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Feature request: UI Library to sidebar


Hi. Loving the new Balsamiq 3. The only frustration I’ve encountered so far is that the UI Library is limited to a single row across the top. I was a big fan of arranging it in a sidebar in the old version, not only because having it in a sidebar was a better orientation on a small computer (like my 13" Macbook Air) because it’s good to have the extra window height for the actual mockup canvas on a small screen, but because when the UI elements were displayed in the sidebar I found it easier to scan through them for what I wanted.


Hi @haggie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We ended at the top as the result of some serious iteration during our beta (New Feature: “Panels” UI). That’s not to say that we will never change it again, but for now, we’re planning to leave it at the top.

One thing that might help is that we have added thumbnails to the Quick Add search results. So you can hide the UI library (CMD+L) and just use Quick Add and still see what you are about to add. It might not be exactly what you’re wanting, but I’ve found it to be much faster once I started using it. Just hit / and start typing the name of the control you want. You can even press SHIFT+ENTER to insert the control wherever your cursor is. Hope that helps a bit!