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Feature request: Update links when renaming a mockup


In my project I have lots of different mockups with links to each other and I rename them a lot. Everytime I rename a mockup, however, all the links to that mockup are broken. I don’t want that. It would be great if you could add some kind of cascade update for every instance of the name of that mockup. Or even better, ask me wether I want to keep the links intact, remove them or link them to a different mockup after all. Thanks


Hey @jgollenz,

Sorry for the hassle with links. This will be addressed in the huge update that we are preparing for our web version. The links are already updated automatically in our desktop product, that uses the latest version of our editor. We don’t have any specific date for this yet but we plan to bring all that version 3 goodness to our web tool very soon.

Please let us know if you need anything else in the meantime, we’re always happy to help! :slight_smile:


Please, yes! The more we work with myBalsamiq, the more we learn that it has a lot missing compared to the desktop product.


I second this request!
Interestingly I’ve seen some of my links auto-updated when renaming a mockup in myBalsamiq. But it definitely doesn’t happen with reliable frequency.

@Virgin I realize you don’t have a date, but do you have any rough time frame, like, Q4 2016, or 2020? :slight_smile: Thanks


We are hoping to have a closed beta before the end of Fall, @Chris26!

The release will hopefully follow shortly after that (bugs willing).