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Feature Request: Update Symbol Instances When Renaming Symbol


When I rename a symbol, any use of that symbol within my Project will be broken. I get the dreaded “symbol not found” box and must then (as far as I have seen) manually replace those instances with the “new” symbol. The desired behavior would be to check for instances in open Projects and updated the references.


Hello @jneander, what version of Mockups are you using? In 3.0, renaming a symbol doesn’t break links, I just tried it with today’s build. Can you still see the bug with the latest version?


In a bit of stranger strangeness, my version of Mockups was curiously outdated. I can confirm that Mockups 3 works as expected. However, Mockups for Google Drive is missing this feature.

Seeing the updated UI and functionality, I recognize that Mockups for Google Drive is not current with the other platforms in the Mockups family. If further development for Drive is expected to resolve this issue, then I will withdraw it.

As a tangent, is development for Drive continuing? If not, or if not on pace with other platforms, I may need to migrate my projects to either myBalsamiq or the Desktop version.


Hi again. We are working hard on a v.3 version of Mockups for GDrive, give us a few more weeks and it’ll catch up to Desktop.


That is great to hear! Thank you very much for your time and the update.