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Feature Request: URL encoding for spaces in screen names with something more readable than "%20" (percentage and ASCII code)


For sharing links the current URL encoding provides very bad readability:

For better readability I’d prefer an encoding into:

Underscore notation (i.e. Wikipedia)

Plus notation (many services)


Thanks for reaching out about this @porg.

We agree that current URLs don’t always look great and we decided to take care of it in the next major web release (native) that is already in private beta! URLs won’t use the wireframes names anymore.

No ETA yet but we’ll make sure to let you all know when it’s ready!

Anything else, we’re here!


URLs won’t use the wireframes names anymore

  • If they then just have some IDs, the URLs themselves have even less intrinsic information value, and you need to add a comment or headline to them when sharing them.
  • But on the plus side, they stay more permanent (both incoming deep links and internal screen interlinking), and I guess you strive for that.


Good points @porg! We’ll make sure to collect feedback on the new URL system when we launch the app.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile: