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[Feature Request] Use Ctrl+Click to follow links while editing


Many times I have found myself reviewing/editing mockups and want to follow the links I have created as part of the brainstorming process. I find that going to the presentation mode interrupts my train of thought, especially when I am changing or adding content. It would be nice to have a function such as Ctrl+Click (or something similar) to follow the links and go directly to the linked mockup.



Must have forgotten to select the correct category…This request is for Mockups 3.


I just tested this to make sure, but if you alt+click on the pink link arrow, it should take you to the linked mockup. Let me know if that works for you, Russ. I remember having a little issue with it before.


Thanks Brendan. I had searched for this feature but didn’t run across it. Perhaps being able to Alt+click on the entire object rather than the pink arrow would be easier, but the current function is better than having to go to the presentation mode.


I’m checking to see if there is a technical limitation there, but that makes sense to me. If we can do it, I’ll get it added :slight_smile: