[Feature Request] Use Custom Assets as Icons in Text Controls

As a Wireframe Designer I would like to be able to use custom assets that I import inline in my text controls so that the icon layout is more accurate.

It is great that we are able to use any of the Font Awesome icons in a text control by wrapping the name of the icon in colons :like-this: However, I am working on a wireframe that uses icons that are standard across our application but aren’t included in the Font Awesome Library. I have imported them as assets and they show up in the icon library under the Assets category but when I try to wrap the name of the icon in colons and use it in a text control (like a data grid) I can’t do it.

I understand that I can leave some space for the icon blank and drag the custom asset in on top of the control later but that gets too annoying because I have to move the icon every time the text in the control change so that it lines up with the space I left again which takes ages and often leads to the icon being out of alignment.

As a work around I use a similar looking Font Awesome Icon and have the actual on listed in my notes about the wireframe but that is still not ideal.

Any chance you could fix it so I can use custom assets as icons in text controls?

Thanks for reaching out about this, @NZnick!

The recently added “Icon to Text” feature does not support custom icons indeed so thanks for sharing your need with us. I’ve added your request to our internal tracker, and we’ll discuss it with the team.