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Feature Request: User can reorder Alternate Versions of a Mockup


I’m about to walk a group through 8 versions of a mockup. I want to show them in a particular order. I’ve had to preface each alternative 2, 3, 4… so that I know what order to show them in, but it looks hacky. Alternatively if I can’t re-order it would be ideal if they were auto-sorted alphabetically, though this wouldn’t be perfect because I can’t rename the “Official Version”, which isn’t ideal.


Hi @jpgilman, we can definitely sort them alphabetically (leaving the Official one up top of course), I’m not sure why we don’t yet! :slight_smile:


This is my +1 for this request. I would like to go a bit further and be able to “drag/drop” alternates in place so it is easier to step through. Sorting by name is definitely a must, “drag/drop” as icing on the cake.

Additionally, I would like to be able to resize the alternate area a bit. Somewhat small on my screen and with so much real estate to go around I would love to be able to resize the alternate window.


Indeed! How my alternates list look like at the moment:

  • Official
  • Alternate 3
  • Alternate 5
  • Alternate 2
  • Alternate 1
  • Alternate 4

Most confusing progression ever! Unfortunately there is no way to reorder the list either. :frowning:

Please include this feature - it’s difficult to follow my line of thinking as I design. :smile:


Hi everybody,

We shipped today 3.1.3. We now sort the alternates alphabetically.
You can get it here:

Here are the complete release notes:


Can I still vote for “user can reorder Alternate Versions”?
Now I have:

  • Official Version
  • 1st Version
  • Official Version Alternative

I’d like to place the legacy version(s) at the bottom, and the new alternatives to the Official Version at the top, without using zzz_1st Version…


Sure thing, @Ilse! Knowing that it is a pain point for you helps a lot. I’ve just added your feature request. :slight_smile:


The HTML5 version of Balsamiq for Google Drive no longer sorts the Alternate Versions alphabetically, which means at the moment I have no way to control the display order of the Alternate Versions, which is very frustrating.

I don’t need drag/drop ability here, if it just sorted them alphabetically I can use name prefixes to get them to display in the order I need.


Please consider this my +1 for the ability to reorder the alternate list, preferably both via drag & drop and a “move up”, “move down” option in the context menu.